onee hair?

Hi hi!! ^^ Recently I got my hair bleached at school. It was like this:

but is now more like this: (I posted two pics, bathroom lighting, and lighting from the window in my bedroom)

I was curious as to whether this is okay for oneegyaru style(I know Koda Kumi had her hair like this but lighter for a bit - check out her PV Hot Stuff for reference) or if I should just try to lighten the whole thing either this shade or lighter instead. I'm also not wearing any make up or false lashes here in any of my pics for those who are tempted to comment on more than just the hair xD any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!! ^^
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Shopping Service

Although this post can apply to most if not all of the gyaru styles, I chose to post here since it seems to be slightly more active than the other lj comms.

I really hope that I'm not spamming or anything (especially if this was posted before; if it is, feel free to delete), but I think that this might help those (outside of Japan) who would like to have easy access to gyaru (and other Japanese) brands.

I haven't been able to use this shopping service yet, but it looks a lot easier than celga. Yes, these reviews are done by lolitas who bought frilly items, but I'm pretty sure that if you wanted to get that cute parka from Tralala, your experience with japonica market (I think they used to go under the name of Japonica records) will be just as good or better.


Happy shopping!

DS: Mars dresses (the Japanese version of Wheels & Dollbaby)

I adore these dresses! But unfortunately I have to let them go as I just saw a dream item on mbok...and Mars lost to JD just this time round...0.0

Both dresses for 45 USD each which includes fees and shipping by registered airmail to anywhere. Can be cheaper if you choose registered surface, or I can do meetups for free for much cheaper if you live in Singapore.

I have +23 feedback on, +6 in Etsy, and am a long time Ebay seller under this username. Feel free to let me know any questions you have, and do check out my other sales which are going really cheaply at

Please have a look...Collapse )

Self Introduction!♡

Name: Mari-chan♡
Location: L.A.
Education: University student studying fashion design
What fashion magazines are you reading?: EGG, Ranzuki, NUTS, Popteen, Ageha, Cawaii, ViVi, Fruits, Gothic & Lolita Bible, different Vogues, and other international magazines
What do you do in your spare time?: When I'm not with my boyfriend I usually hang out with friends, shop, do my nails and other beautifying stuff, exercise, play video games, read, design clothes (I absolutely love fashion sketching), read, touch up on my Japanese, etc.
How did you get to know about the this style and why are you interested in it?: Well I kind of found out about this style on my own after I started being interested in Gothic & Lolita fashion when I was younger, I kind of just gravitated from that to the gyaru fashion and life style (more specifically oneegyaru)
What does Oneegyaru-kei mean to you?: To me it's not just a look, it's definitely a life style which I absolutely love. To me it means being confident, outgoing, independent and enjoying life to the fullest. The world is your oyster! Looking the best you can and having fun doing it as well as being a good role model to those who look up to you♡
Anything you would like to say to the other members?: Own it!
Please post 1 or 2 pretty pictures of yourself here:

Gal Revolution @ Sakura Con 2009!! Gal Meet up!!

Para Sakura

user posted image

Become a Para Superstar!!
Gain recognition and make friends!
Compete with some of the best paralists from around the country.
You can even learn a routine at one of the Para panels and compete with that routine!
There will be prizes for best in show, best costume, best all around, crowd pleaser and much much more!
**You can perform solo and as a team!! **
There will be 1st & 2nd place for solo and team.
There will also be a special exhibition by the hosts of the event!! 
Come join the fun and win the GOLD @ Para Sakura 2009!!!!

50 point system
25 points go to technical
(15 synchronization, 10 accuracy,)
10 points goes to style
10 points emotion ( originality fun, dedication ?)
5 overall performance

Para Sakura Rave
Playing all the songs you love!!
2 hours of dance to your favorite tunes!
Eurobeat and Techno Para dance your butt off!!
Place your song request with Derrick and Bambi!!
Please PM or email us even leave a comment here
For a request email:

Azngarcon AT -- Derrick
Starberrys AT --Bambi

aka GAL REV!!!
its time for the next gen of western gals!!
time to LIVE it and love it!!

date: april 10-12
location: downtown seattle, wa
@convention center

Hosted by: Bambi with Local Gal Circle RTB special guest Derrick ParaParaFanatic

Featuring America's Hottest Gal Circles: RTB, Diamond, Poppin Dragon, Bulaklak and much much more!

Event List:

+Gal Circle Meet and Greet (DAY 1) Panel - for the various gal circles
attending to meet, talk, and share love, discuss the rest of the Gal Circle Events for the Meet.

+Eurobeat Para Para Panel - Lets learn and perform Para Para

+Tech Para Panel - Learn the newest tech para routine

+Gal History Panel - Where did it all start???

+Gal Hair, Makeup, Fashion Panel (Gal 101) - Get the Basics - learn the basics and up to date discussion + lesson

+ Para Sakura!!! !
=Compete solo, compete as a group or even just do an exhibition

(still in the works planning with staff)
+Para Sakura Rave!! Featuring special guest DJ 1 hour of Eurobeat
1 hour of Techpara

More Info:

Contact Diamond Gal Circle & RTB for more info
diamond_gals AT

Diamond Gals

The end of the year is coming up! & with everyone looking forward to the new year, we wanted to give an overview of some hosted events coming up
next year so those who want to participate & make these events successful can start planning now~ First a small introduction~ ♥!

*DIAMOND* sparked after western gal scene amped up in style, but less so in events~ Knowing States-based gals so fabulously have style down,
we want to focus more on activity & working with gals in circles & not in circle to bring more frequent & palatable gal events~~
We've been to large cons & smaller meet-up's alike, ones we hosted ourselves or with others or were even invited to, from the SoCal gal
focus in AX, to a small meet in San Francisco, a hime-esque gal gathering in Los Angeles, one of our gals made it to the annual Gal-Cir Summit hosted
by *Bulaklak Tribe* in Minneapolis, as well as conventions centered around parapara like Aki Matsuri in Seattle & Onii-Con in Dallas ♥
support gal events, & work with gal-sa's & event teams to make them better
& make them more frequent/available/local!

*DIAMOND* abides naturally by sharp, elegant gal fashion ♥
welcoming sophisticated gals to help collab on bringing higher taste in venue ♥
To show our support, we always ensure at least one of our Diamonds will attend other circle & major gal events!
myspace. @
photo album! @
please visit our mobile! @

**upcoming events**

DECEMBER 6th 2008 @ Club Medusa
11:00pm ~ 3:00am
17yrs old to get in, 21 to drink!
ELGIN, IL 60120

10-12 APRIL 2009!




***SUMMER IN SOCAL 2009***
2-5 JULY 2009 (more dates to be announced!)

A bunch of you ladies already know about an event in Los Angeles, CA to happen again in the summertime...& some have already RSVP'ed; with more local gals starting now to plan meets in the Jfashion sectors of Los Angeles & Hollywood area, plus D-tan's parapara showcase @ ax,
more gals can plan to join & make it a huge gal party ♥

Announcements to come within the next couple weeks for a local LA-area meet around lovely Christmas time!

check our website for details!! @

The western gal scene has evolved here in the States as much as gal is an evolving culture is in Japan. Now that plenty of Stateside gals
have fabulously got the style down, we're focusing more on activity and bringing more attractive events to the gal scene~ & for those who
have often been skeptical in the past, it's the gals with high standard & high taste who really need to introduce more effective & more exciting
'gal' events to the scene~ Especially if you have the resources ♥ &hearts:
Support western gal events & bring the scene away from being just online!

BIG THANK YOU & CREDIT to XIAO @ gyaru_graphics
for lovely little page accents
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